• Career Professional Development Diploma

  • 6 month program

  • Weekly training and mentorship with Choreographer Alyx Steele

  • 40+ Masterclasses with Global Industry Professionals

  • One week training in Los Angeles with top USA choreographers, including performing at prestigious LA Dance event. Flights and accommodation included

  • Professional portfolio created by industry professionals (Photographer, Hair and Makeup Artist, Stylist & Movement Director)

  • Audition and Interview with UK leading agencies

  • Contractual advice 6 months post graduating from Smash

    Designed to work alongside employment, to reduce your student debt, and cut the time to get you into the professional work place as a dancer.

What the course includes

Advanced Global Dance Training Program

Audition Date - London

24th February

To bring global industry related dance training and empower the next generation, removing barriers and bridging the gap between training and the professional industry, creating a positive & inclusive work environment.

Our Mission

Course Details

This course is a pioneering first, it brings together a collective of dance and educational specialists with decades of experience who deliver what a dancer actually requires for a career in professional dance and the creative industries.The team have an unrivalled portfolio working with acts and institutions such as Rihanna, Kylie Minogue, One Direction, Pink, Lady Gaga, Coldplay, Beyonce, Vogue, ZooNation, Stageworks Worldwide, Time Warner, Sony as well as academic instructions such as Royal Conservatoire The Hague, Guildhall School of Music and Drama, Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama and Leeds Conservatoire. When you complete this course you will have a dance and academic skill set that is globally unrivalled, tailored to what the international dance industry needs but you won't have the debt of studying at university. We also offer a 300% increase in contact time compared to leading universities and conservatoires within the UK.

  • MASTER CLASSES: You will have regular masterclasses and workshops from the dance industries finest practitioners, leading creators and choreographers.

  • MINDFULNESS: Online mindfulness techniques and self awareness techniques to help combat anxiety and support ongoing positive and healthy mental health to endorse you in auditions and self marketing.

  • PORTFOLIO: Creation of full portfolio with a variety of different looks working with a Celebrity Hair/Makeup Artist, Stylist and Photographer.

  • TECHNICAL FINISH: Technique classes which includes personalised feedback to support constructing a personalised dancer's plan to enhance refinement and improvement. Technical abilities to be the focus (e;g cardio, extension, isolation, flexibility, stamina, breath)

  • COMMERCIAL CHOREOGRAPHY, ROUTINE & PICK UP: Picking up a range of differentiated commercial based industry choreography. Insightful range of practical choreographers' approaches and diverse industry demands. Lessons in free styling, research skills and strategies for picking up choreography.

  • BODY CONDITIONING: Body conditioning to assist dancers in physical and mental wellbeing. Physical support plans created for fitness and personal goals. Includes a session with nutritionist to ensure dancers are maintaining a healthy and safe lifestyle.

  • AUDITION TECHNIQUE: Preparing dancers for the world of auditions. Emphasis on picking up and delivering choreography and building self belief. Research skills relevant to brief/Artist/Choreographer Brand/Dance Company. Application of technical skills in audition context.

  • INTERVIEW SKILLS: Confidence in speaking and discussions in the dance industry workplace. The course includes an Interview and audition with one of Uk's leading dance agents.

  • BUSINESS STUDIES: Contractual basics, how to read, negotiate contracts. What to do if contracts go wrong, Self employed and tax return, copyright. These skills are crucial for a dancer to build and maintain a successful and happy career.

  • PERSONAL BRANDING: Online branding, websites, social media guidance and support with a top industry professional.

Heather Kirkpatrick

Educational Director

Alyx Steele

Creative Director

The Team

Nikki Trow


Kate Prince


Stephanie Martis


Carrie Jones

Head of styling

Phillip Birchall


Ashley Layfield

USA, Fitness

Johnny Bishop


Sophie Carmen Jones


Noel Bandajas


James Bennett


click image for bio*



Callum Powell


Danielle "Rhimes" Lecointe


Del Mak


Adrian Kirkpatrick

Academic quality assurance, UK

Miguel Zarate


Michael Ramos


Christie Lee Manning


Dr Sarina Maria Beacher- SEN(M),RMN, DPNS,DCBT, PGTC,BSc(Hons) MSc PhD

Sarina qualified as a mental health nurse in 1988 and has been practising as a clinical leader and practising clinician since 1988. Sarina's extensive career in health and well being has taken her to Australia to work as part of the Commonwealth and Victorian Governments and develop better health for the Indigenous Peoples of Victoria. Sarina is registered to practice in the UK and Australia. Sarina has been heavily involved in developing better health alongside clinical leadership and mental health care for staff from a wide range of professions. In 1998 Sarina with her team were awarded the CharterMark for excellence in mental health practice. In 2005 Sarina developed a programme of learning that related to mental health and practice called Broadening Horizons and this has been developed in many NHS Organisations. Sarina has held a number of senior clinical posts in the NHS which include Lecturer in Mental Health, Director of Corporate and Clinical Governance, Nursing and Quality, she has also been Head of Safeguarding in a number of NHS and non NHS organisations. In addition to her nursing and clinical leadership qualifications, Sarina holds qualifications in teaching, health and health promotion, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Solution Focused Therapy and Transactional Analysis. In 2022 Sarina completed training relating to post trauma and is now able to provide Structured Trauma interviews and after care. In recent years Sarina has concentrated on her growing her private practice and continues to work for a number of non NHS organisations providing expert mental health counselling to their staff. The opportunity to support the course continues Sarina's own professional and personal commitment to working across all boundaries and professions, to deliver learning that supports dance students better health and well being as they progress their careers.

Fees & Funding


Smash the Industry Professional Diploma: Fees (2024)

£10;000 total fees

Instalment Option:

Payment one at enrolment: £5000:00 Week of acceptance

Payment two: £2500;00 1st March

Payment three: £2500;00 1st May

International Students: Fee information for International Students can be obtained from Smash admissions, please email us at info@smashadvancedglobaltraining.com


*Dancers will be expected to pay for uniforms.

*The cost of the uniform required is estimated to be £200.

*Dancers will need access to the internet and a tablet/laptop/pc for blended learning tutorials, seminars and to complete tasks.

*In Los Angeles the dancers will be provided with accommodation, a timetable of dance industry experiences and flights.

*Food, drink, additional travel, free time allocation is the financial responsibility of the dancer.


We believe in removing barriers to enhance dancers ability to train therefore we do not charge for auditions.

We offer both video or live audition slots. Please email us for further information.

Every Smash Dancer has a unique set of financial circumstances.The course is tax deductible regardless of how you pay for the course.We cannot advise you which is the best financial route for you and your studies but we have compiled some information that may be helpful:

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